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Going forward in life, you have to seek for more knowledge. Still on type of drum kit “ANATOMY” in our last lecture we talked about the SNARE DRUMS. We learnt that the snare is a shallow drum, that’s between the legs of the drummer whilst, we also learnt that the shell is always made of metal wood with a depth of 6 and a diameter if around 12. But moving forward, we will be looking at the BASS “KICK” DRUM.As well we follow the lecture GOD will bless you. Musician probably guessed that this is the largest drum in the kit that produces the lowest pitch loom. Most Bass Drum are around 22′ in diameter, with a depth of about 16′ however, you can purchase smaller or larger varieties. Changing the diameter of the shell changes the notes pitch, allowing you to choose a size that works with the style of the music you play. The shells material affect the warmth or brightness of the note too. As for the skin, they have two, one either side of the shell. One is a skin and takes the hit from your drum pedal, the other is the resonator skin which faces the audience. Sometimes, the resonator skin has a hole cut into so that air can leave the kit quickly after being hit, this, in turn helps to reduce the notes sustain for a more defined sound. In terms of setup, it should be positioned on the floor in front of your
dominant limb. Because of its position, it’s played using a foot pedal whichstrikes the skin with a beater when you apply pressure to the footpad. The pedal is held in place by a clamping mechanism that clamps into it andcan be adjusted by tightening the spring, to add or remove tension while playing a rhythm in 4/4 timing, the bass drum is valley built on 1stand 3rd crotchet of a bar..


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